Fossavatn Ski Marathon

Pedersen defeats Jeannerod in Fossavtansgangan final sprint

At 08:00 today, the elite skiers of 2019’s Fossavatnsgangan were standing at the start line in the mountains of Isafjordur, looking down to the sea and feeling the cold Icelandic wind. Even though the spring in Isafjordur is extraordinarily mild, today Iceland decided to present itself as it is known – just ICEland.

In total 830 skiers made their way up to the mountains and started at the Fossavatnsgangan 2019 in a floating start, means everyone could start whenever between 08:00 and 10:00. The skiers had to deal with headwind, icy temperatures & partly even slight snowfalls. The one who could deal with it the best is coming from Norway: Morten Eide Pedersen was in a lead from beginning to the end. He always was working in the leading group and on the final stretch, he was able to outsprint his opponent from France, Alexis Jeannerod by not even a second. The big favourite for today, World champion Ivo Niskanen, finished 3rd, 9 seconds behind the winner.

Morten Eide Pedersen winner of Fossavatnsgangan & König Ludwig Lauf 2019.

Fossavatnsgangan 2019 results men

  1. Morten Eide Pedersen (NOR) – 1:58:55
  2. Alexis Jeannerod (FRA) – 1:58:56
  3. Ivo Niskanen (FIN) – 1:59:04
  4. Max Novak (SWE) – 2:03:14
  5. Alexander Pazhinsky (RUS) – 2:03:38
  6. Snorri Einarsson (ISL) – 2:03:51
2nd: Alexis Jeannerod, 1st: Morten Eide Pedersen, 3rd: Ivo Niskanen.

The ladies victory is going to France: Marine Dusser finished the last Worldloppet race of the winter season 2019 in 2:38:30. 2:14 later arrived Finland’s Sanna Soudunsaari to the finish as second. The 3rd place goes to a well-known name in Worldloppet: Caitlin Gregg from the USA.

Fossavatnsgangan 2019 results ladies

  1. Marine Dusser (FRA) – 2:38:30
  2. Sanna Soudunsaari (FIN) – 2:40:44
  3. Caitlin Gregg (USA) – 2:42:30
  4. Varvara Prokhorova (RUS) – 2:48:54
  5. Freya Hik (CAN) – 2:49:29
  6. Linda Rós Hannesdóttir (ISL) – 2:51:28
2nd: Saana Soudunsaari, 1st: Marine Dusser, 3rd: Caitlin Gregg.

Now everyone – literally everyone, the elite, the Worldloppet skiers, the organizers, the volunteers and the rest of the village of Isafjordur is looking forward to the famous cake buffet and later in the evening the seafood party – what a way to finish the Worldloppet winter! So we have to stop writing and prepare for the end of season party – See you there (or on our Instagram Story, where you can follow it if you are not in Iceland).

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