Bieg Piastow

Rocarek and Siegel won the 42nd Bieg Piastow

Amazing weather, very strong competition, unusual huge pasta party for all, final ceremony in the city center of Szklarska Poreba – the 42nd Bieg Piastow Cross Country Festival gave big fun and unforgettable emotions for thousends of skiers all over the world, who came at Jakuszycka Glade in Izera Mountains, Poland.

The weather was awesome – sunshine without any break, frost (between minus 8 and 20 C degrees). Thank to very stable snow conditions since Dezember, the OC was able to prepare perfect tracks without any problems using only natural snow.

Rocarek & Siegel won the 42nd Bieg Piastow

1461 skiers from 32 countries finished the 50km main race, among them 70 Worldloppet masters. The bests of them were fighting to the last meter of the track and in the end it was Jiri Rocarek who crossed the finish line first &  Jan Antolec second. 3rd place goes to Jakub Psenicka.

“It was very beatiful race! Track was perfect, snow fast. 20 kilometres before finish we remained it first group in three: Jakub Psenicka, Jan Antolec and me. It was clear, that three highest position wil are only for us.  On the last part of the track we were fighting already only with Jan.”, said Jiri Rocarek in the finish. 

Rich in World Cup expierences German star Monique Siegel totally dominated in women competiotion. She won with a huge advantage to second Klara Moravcova and Zuzana Kocumova.

“Whats a amazing day! I think it was a best race in my life. I feel here so well! I am even not so heavy tired. Track was perfect and atmosphere around is also outstanding. I would like to come back.”, quoted Monique Siegel.

Silver races, pasta party & a concert

The 50 km race was a main dush of a three days event (including Worldlopet races 25 km CT and 30 km FT) with many additional attractions for athlets, their families and friends, as well as for everybody, who wanted to have a day full of fun.  Jakuszycka Glade – venue of start and finish, has been playing a role: A big pasta party provided by seven top-class chiefs, who served for all delicious pasta with various excellent sauces was part of the program. 

The winners, Jiri Rocarek and Monique Siegel got as a part of the prize, a very special, made according to a unique project, a big cup which is produced in the world-famous Crystal Factory Julia.  The main ceremony of the 6 best women and men in 50 km was organized in the evening in the center of Szklarska Poreba and was attended by hundreds of inhabitants and tourists.  Just after the ceremony people could warm up during a very hot and dynamic concert of the polish rock music star Sidney Polak. This kind of a ceremony with concert took part first time in 42-years history of Bieg Piastow.


Results of the Bieg Piastow 2018


  1. Jiri Rocarek (CZE) 2:16:41
  2. Jan Antolec (POL) 2:16:41
  3. Jakub Psenicka (CZE) 2:17:22
  4. Daniel Maka (CZE) 2:20:42
  5. Pawel Klisz (POL) 2:21:11
  6. Michal Sedlacek (CZE) 2:24:32
  7. Dusan Kozisek (CZE) 2:26:21
  8. Sten Waehrisch (GER) 2:26:23
  9. Alexey Shcheglov (RUS) 2:27:27
  10. Tomasz Kaluzny (POL) 2:28:05



  1. Monique Siegel (GER) 2:32:01
  2. Klara Moravcova (CZE) 2:36:17
  3. Zuzana Kocumova (CZE) 2:42:53
  4. Anna Koziskova (CZE) 2:44:17
  5. Emilia Romanowicz (POL) 2:47:39
  6. Urszula Letocha (POL) 2:52:47
  7. Reeda Tuula (EST) 2:53:40
  8. Katarzyna Witek (POL) 2:55:21
  9. Katerina Moravcova (CZE) 2:56:02
  10. Jadwiga Grynkiewicz (POL) 3:05:57


photos: Marcin Oliva Soto, Jacek Deneka, Piotr Dymus.

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