Rücksacklauf um den Wäldercup (GER)

Date: 13th February 2021
Start: D-78136 Schonach im Schwarzwald
Finish: 60 km: D-79856 Hinterzarten im Schwarzwald
100 km: Belchen-Multen, D- 79677 Aitern
Technical Data: 60 km or 100km CT or FT
Facebook: Rücksacklauf
Website: www.fernskiwanderweg.de

For the 43nd time we invite you to a skiing adventure that is still unique in Central Europe. The “Rucksacklauf” 2020 wins skier who is the fastest on the 100 kilometer long distance trail from Schonach to Belchen. Each participant is responsible for himself including food, wax and transport. For safety reasons he has to carry a backpack with a minimum weight (4 kg men, 3 kg ladies).

NEW in 2020: The 60 and the 100 km are also offered in free technique.

Where to sleep