Demino Ski Marathon

Russians dominate the 11th Demino Ski Marathon

With aproximately -15 degrees & sunshine the Demino Ski stadium in Rybinsk/RUS was welcoming thousands of marathon skiers from Russia & all around the world for the 11th edition of the Demino Skimarathon – the Big Race of Big Russia. Many world class athletes travelled to Rybisnk, since it was the 6th & previous last stage of the FIS Worldloppet Cup. But it were the Russians who dominated the race and took the victories. 

Russian podium in men’s Demino Skimarathon

Only one single point was separating Agnelle Gerard, FIS Worldloppet Cup overall leader & his first chaser, Ivan Perrillat-Boiteux before today’s Demino Skimarathon. So it was clear, that the French athletes are going to give everything to collect the precious points for the overall ranking. Also the skiers from the French team Jobstation Rossignol showed, that they still don’t give up fighting for the podium in 2018’s FIS Worldloppet Cup. Benoit Cauvet, Adrien Mougel & Bastien Poirrier were seen in the leading position all over the race. But in fact it were the russians who dominated the race. Already from the beginning Andrey Melnichenko, Evgeniy Dementiev & Aleksandr Legkov kept the pace on a high level. Specially Melnichenko was working very hard on the leading position all over the race. In the end it came down to a final sprint between 5 skiers, 4 Russians and 1 French. It was Andrey Melnichenko who crossed the finish line a second ahead of Nikolay Khokhryakov who beat Olympic Champion Evgeniy Dementiev only in the photo finish. Aleksandr Legkov finished 4th, Thomas Chambella was best non-russian with the 5th place.
  1. Andrey Melnichenko (RUS)
  2. Nikolay Khokhryakov (RUS)
  3. Eveniy Dementiev (RUS)
  4. Aleksandr Legkov (RUS)
  5. Thomas Chambella (FRA)
  6. Aleksandr Utkin (RUS)
Haute Savoie Nordic team fighting for the overall victory
Now after the previos last stage of the cup Ivan Perrillat-Boiteux (FRA, Haute Savoie Nordic Team) overtook his team mate and long term red bib holder, Gerard Agnellet by 11 points. Perrillat came to the finish as 8th today, while Agnellet became 15th. The 3rd position in the overall ranking goes to another Haute Savoie Nordic skier, to Loic Guigonnet. 
FIS Worldloppet Cup overall ranking men after 6 of 7 stages (click for full standings)
  1. Ivan Perrillat-Boiteux (FRA, Nordic Team Haute-Savoie) – 352 points
  2. Gerard Agnellet (FRA, Nordic Team Haute-Savoie) – 337 points
  3. Loic Guigonnet (FRA, Nordic Team Haute-Savoie) – 230 points


Photo finish decision in the ladie’s race

In the ladie’s competition it took some time after the finish to know the winner. The photo finish was too close to recognize it imediately. For sure it was a Russian victory, either last year’s winner Olga Rotcheva or Sveltana Nicolaeva. Only at the flower ceremony it was clear: Nicoleva 1st, Rotcheva 2nd. The 3rd place went to another Russian lady, to Ekaterina Yadovina. A little bit behind them the two first ladies in the FIS Worldloppet Cup overall ranking were fighting for points. In the end Aurelie Dabudyk turned out to be stronger, she finished 5th. Gräfnings took the 6th place. 

  1. Sveltana Nikolaeva (RUS)
  2. Olga Rotcheva (RUS)
  3. Ekaterina Yadovina (RUS)
  4. Alena Perevozchikova (RUS)
  5. Aurelie Dabudyk (FRA)
  6. Maria Gräfnings (SWE)
So Dabudyk was able to increase her lead to 15 points more than Maria Gräfnings has. For the final stage, next weekend at the Engadin Skimarathon, it is heads up for this two ladies. 
  1. Aurelie Dabudyk (FRA, Nordic Team Haute-Savoie) – 455 points
  2. Maria Gräfnings (SWE, SAS Pro Team) – 440 points
  3. Rahel Imoberdorf (SUI, SAS Pro Team) – 150 points

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