Tartu Forest Marathon goes virtual

You can ride from wherever you are

Already for the 38 years, the second weekend in May has marked a big running festival of Tartu Marathon. Around 10 000 participants enjoy the different tracks of Tartu Forest Marathon every spring.

This time, due to the pandemic of Coronavirus, the race will be held as a virtual run. Everyone can choose the safest track close to their home and still join the race!

The virtual race has the same distances as the regular forest marathon: 42, 24, 10 or 5 km. It is up to everyone to decide where to run.

The selected distance must be completed within the two weeks period between May 1st to May 17th and the running log sent to the organizers.

Finishers are awarded with a magnificent medal of Tartu Forest Marathon (possible to order by regular post service) and an electronic diploma.

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