Tartu Marathon: 60 years of xc-skiing in Estonia

“Where the old meets the new”

In 2020 Tartu Maraton celebrates 60-years anniversary from the first start of the legendary ski race. Starting with 214 skiers in 1960, the tracks between Otepää and Elva have hosted all together more than 180 000 skiers over the years. Among them also thousands of foreigners, the biggest number of countries in one race is reaching up to 40.

To value the history and old-time skiing, the Vintage race with a special broad ski track suitable for old-time equipment was added among the race disciplines just this year. The Vintage skiers are welcome to cover either 63 or 31 km distance.

Traditionally the classical distances in Tartu are 63 and 31 km. Also the free technique Open Track (63/31 and 16 km) as well as the team relay take place a week before.

Join the anniversary marathon on the 16th of February:  take a step back to the history and at the same time enjoy the ski spirit and high level classical marathon!

Now it is the best time to finalize the travel plans and sign upbecause the best entry fee available up to December 6th.

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