Team Haute Savoie Nordic dominated today’s La Transjurasienne

What a perfect race day for the French marathon skiing elite team Team Haute Savoie Nordic. First they managed to have both red bibs in their team for the home race, La Transjurasienne and now after the race they also defeated the red bibs & got the vicoty in both competitions. We can say, the 2018’s La Transjurasienne was owned by Team Haute Savoie Nordic. At 9:30 this morning thousands of skiers started at Bois d’Amont to ski the 68 km free technique to the finish in Chaux-Neuve followed by snowfalls and temperatures around zero.

Ivan Perrillat-Boiteux breaks away to the victory

The race today was a hard one. On this the athletes agreed in the finish. First it was snowing, than it was snowing heavily, than there was a mixture of snow & rain, hence it was not warm. But the competition was a hot one! It was a French trio breaking away from the big leading group around halfway. Ivan Perrillat-Boiteux, Agnellet Gerard (red bib holder) & Benoit Chauvet increased the speed and brought aroun 45 seconds between them and the chasers. Only a very strong Norwegian World Champion, Anders Gloersen, was able to bring a group of chasers to the leading pack & for the last kilometers it were 5 skiers working together & fighting each other. 

On the final hill Ivan Perrillat-Boiteux from Team Haute Savoie Nordic turned his back on the others and brought some meters between him and the rest. Gloersen & Agnellet tried to stick with him but couldn’t, so in the end it was Perrillat raising his hands on the finish line as winner of the 40th Transjurasienne. Gerard Agnellet, Perrillat’s team mate & red bib holder, managed to fight Anders Gloersen in the final sprint & gets the second place right before the World Champion from Norway, who still is very happy with his travels to La Transjurasienne
“I had very good skies for the last downhill, so I took the chance and tried to break away, and it worked out for the finish. I had a good feeling throughout the whole race, eventhough the track the organizers chose was a hard one. So in total it was a good day for me and for the team.”, says the winner Perrillat-Boiteux.  
1st – Ivan Perrillat-Boiteux (FRA) – Haute Savoie Nordic
2nd – Gerard Agnellet  (FRA) – Hauate Savoie Nordic
3rd – Anders Gloersen (NOR) – Team Rustad
4th – Curdin Perl (SUI) – Jobstation Rossignol Team
5th – Benoit Chauvet (FRA) – Jobstation Rossignol Team
6th – Thomas Chambellant (FRA) – Jobstation Rossignol Team
1st –  Gerard Agnellet (FRA, Nordic Team Haute Savoie) – 205 points
2nd – Ivan Perrillat-Boiteux (FRA, Nordic Team Haute Savoie) – 180 points
3rd – Adrien Mougel (FRA, Jobstation Rossignol Team) – 136 points
Dabudyk remains unstoppable also at La Transju
Who else could stand on top of the podium here in Chaux-Neuve, France, the finish of La Transjurasienne, the 3rd FIS Worldloppet Cup stage? Of course it is Aurelie Dabudyk from Team Haute Savoie Nordic getting the traditional Transjurasienne cowbell, the trophy for the winner. After winning the Dolomitenlauf & the König Ludwig Lauf she now adds another 100 points for the overall ranking to her account. With an advantage of 3:32 she arrived the finish before her strongest competitor, Maria Gräfnings from Sweden, who won La Transjurasienne last year. The third podium place is reserved for another French, for Roxane Lacroix. 
“I was skiing with a big group almost the whole race, so this was very good. Also my great skies helped me to celebrate this victory here at home. Last year, my ski was not as fast and I couldn’t win. But today everything worked out. I love it here, all the people all over the course cheering… It’s great to win here at La Transju.”, says Aurelie.
“Today it was super tough, for everybody. The weather condition was really tough. I also lost my pole at the first hill, so I lost some time too. But Aurelie was super strong today, so I am very luck to be second. Around 10 km before the finish I had spared some energy to break away from Roxane (Lacroix). Now I am looking forward to next weekend, to ski the cup at my second home in Estonia.”, said Maria at a warm tee right before the ceremony.
1st – Aurelie Dabudyk (FRA) – Haute Savoie Nordic Team
2nd – Maria Graefnings (SWE) – SAS pro Team
3rd – Roxane Lacroix (FRA) – Team Credit Agricole
4th – Rahel Imoberdorf (SUI) – SAS pro Team
5th – Elisabteh Coupat (FRA) 
6th – Alicia Choron (FRA) – SC AGY
1st – Aurelie Dabudyk (FRA, Nordic Team Haute-Savoie) – 300 points
2nd – Maria Gräfnings (SWE, SAS Pro Team) – 220 points
3rd – Roxane Lacroix (FRA, Team Credit Agricole) – 140 points
The day of Team Haute Savoie Nordic
So the red bibs remain in France & in the Team Haute Savoie Nordic. Both, Dabudk & Agnellet defeated their red bib and are going to stand on the first starting place next week in Estonia for the 4th FIS Worldloppet Cup stage, the Tartu Maraton. So the French marathon skiing pro team collects both victories today & both leading positions in the Cup. In addition to that today’s 2nd place in the men’s race goes to THSN, same counts for the second position in the overall ranking of the FISWLC.
photo (c) La Transju/Quentin Iglesis
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