Jizerská Padesatka

The Czech Jizerska 50 almost sold out!

As for today, Jizerska 50 only has 20% of the capacity left

Jizerska 50, the biggest winter event of the Czech Republic, will soon be sold out – the race has at the moment only 20 % of its capacity left!

Jizerska 50 Organising Committee

Inseparable part of Jizerska is also the memory of the mountaineers and the co – founders of the Jizerska 50, who tragically died 50 years ago during the expedition in Peru.

The 53rd Edition of Jizerska will happen from 7th to 9th of February 2020. Come to enjoy the great atmosphere to the Czech republic! For further information and to register click here under

The Story of Jizerska 50

This year commemoration makes the attention go to the history of Jizerska, that has been taking place every year since the first edition on January 20th, 1968.

Jizerska 50 start, 1973

As the history book of Jizerska tells, the race was born from a dispute about the inclusion for another race which brought to create the “50 km through the Jizera Mountains” as a qualification event.

It turned out that the race with the 52 participants was such a friendly race that was to be organised every year after that.

Ladies start in Jizerska 50, 1979
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