FIS Worldloppet Cup

The Project FIS Worldloppet Cup is coming to an end

The 41st Worldloppet season has been one of the most successful. With 123.000 participants in total, the Worldloppet Interntional Skifederation is concluding the season 2018/2019 positively. The upcoming season is bringing some major changes: 

„In order to meet our vision of being the voice of popular skiing, we feel like we have to strengthen our focus on the popular skiers!“, states Epp Paal, the CEO of Worldloppet when announcing, that the world federation of popular skiing won’t organize another FIS Worldloppet Cup in 2020. The decision has been taken this weekend by the delegates of the 20 Worldloppet member races, at this year’s Worldloppet Annual General Meeting in Isafjordur, Iceland – the venue of Fossavatnsgangan.

Maria Gräfnings is the last female FIS Worldloppet Cup Champion.

„We decided to let the FIS Worldloppet Cup come to an end. Our vision is to be the voice of popular skiing, therefore we want to focus more on the popular skiers. Worldloppet has always been standing for promoting our sport, encouraging ski lovers to discover new ski destinations and bringing stars of the skiing scene close to citizen participants. Now we have a new approach, which we believe will help to bring even more people to skiing.“

Epp Paal, Worldloppet CEO

Goal achieved, time for new projects

Over the past 20 years, the FIS Worldloppet Cup has been the official FIS cup of marathon skiing bringing the elite of this sport to the same starting line together with amateur skiers. Every year 8 to 10 races (mainly Worldloppet races) were chosen to form the cup. The goal behind this series was to promote marathon skiing all over the world and bring attention to this sport. A goal that has been achieved: „We achieved our goal. Meanwhile, other elite series‘ have been formed, races are shown on national tv-stations, the world’s best cross-country skiers know our races and love to ski them. Northug, Cologna, Sundby, Kowalczyk are just a few winners of Worldloppet races over the past years. Nikita Kriukov even started a Worldloppet Passport this year. “, concludes Epp Paal, and continues „now it is time to start new projects!“

The Dolomitenlauf was a fixed date in the FIS Worldloppet Cup calendar.

Focus on popular skier

Worldloppet wants to invest all its energy into the popular skiers, without whom not a single marathon race would exist. First steps into the new future have been discussed this weekend at the Annual General Meeting. The federation is planning to implement a world ranking considering each and every skier, from beginner over amateur to high-end elite skier. A calendar considering every marathon skiing race in the world, no matter if Worldloppet, Euroloppet, Russialoppet, Ski Classics… should support this project. All races should be considered in one calendar, making it easy for skiers to find the challenges they are looking for. The new calendar will be launched in August 2019.

Also the Worldloppet Passport system should get a new touch: A digital passport & advantages & discounts, especially for Passport holders at every Worldloppet race were discussed at the AGM.

“With this new orientation of focusing on the popular skiers even more, we are sure to promote the idea of skiing around the world and help the sport of marathon skiing growing, even in this challenging times for winter sports. This was always our goal and will always be!”

Epp Paal, CEO
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