The Tartu Marathon offers another international virtual sport experience…on wheels!

The Tartu Rattaralli will take place “from your home” from May 29th to June 14th

It seems pretty clear by now: nothing is stopping events, neither social distancing – events just get reinvented and assume a shape that permits them to bring people together.
This is especially the case of the Tartu Marathon summer events. At the beginning of May it was the turn of the Tartu Marathon Forest run, which saw nearly 4000 participants from 34 different countries joining the new event-format on the four distances right from their home, chosing the best fitting track and finally sending their activity’s record to the organizers.

The same race format is foreseen also for the upcoming Tartu Rattaralli, the 39th edition of the Estonian road-bike race that every spring uses to bring together thousands of passionate bikers along the roads of Tartu.

Everyone can participate the race at their own location – they just need to choose a cycling route/track close to their home and join the event!

There are three distances available for each level and taste: 128, 58 and 25 km. The selected distance must be completed within the two weeks period between May 29th to June 14th and the cycling log sent to the organizers.

Finishers will be awarded with a magnificent medal of Tartu Rattaralli (possible to order by regular post service) and a virtual diploma.

Get in the mood for bike riding and enjoy Rattaralli with us, wherever you are 😀

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