The Worldloppet races snow situation

Here you can check the latest stand of the Worldloppet races’ tracks:

American Birkebeiner track preparation
Race: Gatineau Loppet
Km ready at the moment: 100% of 200 kilometres of trails for classical cross-country skiing, which includes over 125 kilometres of trails shared with skate skiers.
Snow condition: Snow Base at P8 Parking Lot: 22.5 cm 
Temperature Min and Max (° C) – 3° C 
Expected temperature for the race weekend:  -7° C
Frequency of preparation: Daily grooming for unbelievable conditions. 

Race: American Birkebeiner
Km ready at the moment: 55 km (entire track)
Snow condition (at which date): approx 20 cm very hard base, very cold and old/transformed snow
Temperature Min and Max: (° C) :  -8° / 1°
Frequency of preparation: currently the track for the 46th American Birkebeiner is looking really good. The track is in excellent condition and we have it nearly entirely prepared. We will begin final grooming passes on Tuesday Feb 11th – Friday 14th in preparation for a great race with nearly record numbers (11.000) and a very strong field 

Race: Bieg Piastów
Km ready at the moment: 84 km
Snow condition (12.02): very good, good, sufficent.
Air temperature: -1° -2°
Frequency of preparation: Preparation after every snow falls (so every morning in last days) 

Race: Demino Ski Marathon
Km ready at the moment: full 25 km lap is ready for the races
Snow condition (12.02): very good snow conditions, skiers that are training ay the course now said that the course is perfect and ready for the race.
Air Temperature Min and Max: min -6°, max +2°
Frequency of preparation: ra-trucks prepare the course 4 times a day  
The Vasaloppet Track 11.02.2020
 Race: Vasaloppet
Km ready at the moment: 90 km (will be ready completely on Friday 14th)
Snow condition: natural and artificial snow
Notes:  we are working very hard and all events will take place, everybody is welcome! 

Race: Engadin Ski Marathon
Km ready at the moment: 42 km (total 209 km)
Snow condition (at which date): perfect
Temperature Min and Max: (° C) :  -12 °C / Max 2 °C
Frequency of preparation: every day

Race: Birkebeinerrennet
Km ready at the moment: the whole track 54 km with natural snow
Snow condition (date):  12.02.20 – 50 cm
Air temperature Min and Max (° C) : -7, +1
Frequency of preparation: when needed

Race: Fossavatngangan
Km ready at the moment: 25km – plan to hae the whole course ready by April 4th
Snow condition: average 1,5m of snow
Temperature Min and Max: -7° / 3° C
Frequency of preparation: Every day at least 15km groomed
Bieg Piastow’s track 12.02
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