König Ludwig Lauf

3. To the end, despite everything

By Giannino Ruzza (Italy)

– Hello everyone, my name is Giannino Ruzza, 69 years old. In 2019, I participated in the König Ludwig Lauf (50 km classic) with bib number 540. I was the second to register in 2018 for this great cross-country skiing. I’m retired and I’ve lived in Sicily for five years.
 I really wanted to do this race, although there is no snow in Sicily to train. So, I showed up at the start without ever having seen the snow until then. But that’s not why I ended the race in the back of the final standings. The reasons are different:

1) I have a unicompartmental prosthesis in my left knee, with three other operations, meniscus, ligaments, and rectus femoral rupture.

2) while training on the treadmill, I inflamed the sciatic nerve in a dramatic way, so much that, I left Sicily with the inability to stretch my leg for the alternating step.

3) in February 2018, I was implanted with a circumflex coronary stent, with a very positive result after a year.

Conclusions: I pushed my arms from the start to the finish, without ski wax, because it snowed a lot. God is my witness; I haven’t moved a foot for the whole race. I also fell downhill a few times after the Linderhof Castle, which caused me to freeze my hands.

In the end, believe me, I only finished my race thanks to willpower and determination.

The question is legitimate: who made you do it?
Answer: the passion for skiing and cross-country skiing.

P.S. My wife who was waiting for me at Linderhof Castle, halfway the race, told me to retreat. I replied: never.

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