Vasaloppet USA (USA)

Part of the American Ski Marathon Series and International Vasaloppet Skiing Exchange

Date: February 13th – 14th, 2021
Location: Mora, Minnesota, USA
Technical Data: 52km &35km, 13km FT, 42km CL
Facebook page: Vasaloppet USA

Vasaloppet USA, founded in 1972, is known for it’s superb hospitality and volunteers and offers skiers races five races that start and finish in downtown Mora. Skiers can choose from 52km, 35km and 13km FT races or a 42km Classic race. Also offered is a 5-member Team race. The Vasaloppet is part of the International Vasaloppet Skiing Exchange that includes the Vasaloppet races in Sweden, Japan and China.

Skiers stay warm in the large Celebration tent located just100 meters from the start and finish line. After the race skiers return to the Celebration Tent to enjoy food, beverage and the awards ceremony. Extensive snowmaking is used to assure skiers a good skiing conditions.

Where to sleep