Jizerská Padesatka

Jizerská Padesatka
Address: Ski Klub Jizerská padesátka Jablonecká 21, 46001 Liberec 1, Czech Republic
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First race: 20 January 1968, 50 km for men, 25 km for ladies, 52 participants

Highest number of participants in main race: 6467 finishers in 50 km (1977); 5511 – 50km + 1672 – 25km (1985), currently the number of entries is limited to 4800 participants.

Worldloppet membership: since 2000

The Jizerska Padesatka (50 of Jizera) was established as a race testing performance for the mountain climbers from the TJ Lokomotiva Liberec club, who prepared themselves for severe mountaineering expeditions at the end of the sixties. The race was organised by the Ski club of Liberec town. The first race was held on the last Saturday in January, 1968 with 52 competitors taking part; it led through the Jizera mountains from the village of Bedrichov to Korenov and back. The winner was Josef Driml, a member of the organising club.


START/FINISH LOCATION OF THE RACE: Bedrichov, coordinates: 50°47’44.8″N; 15°08’37.1″E


The Jizerska Padesatka course, which runs through the Jizera mountains environmental protection area, is quite unique and has a very good profile for classic technique. The course of the race has been changed in the last few years and is now even more attractive than before.

Course profiles

50 km CT – total elevation gain 937 m

30 km FT – total elevation gain 258 m

25 km CT – total elevation gain 160 m


By plane: From Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague, take bus 119 directly to the Nádra¸í Veleslavín metro station (green line). Change from the green line to the yellow line at the Mustek station and continue to Cerny Most. Take a bus from Cerny Most to Liberec.

By train: At the main train station in Prague, transfer to the metro (red line). Change to the yellow line at the Florenc station and continue to Cerny Most. Take a bus from Cerny Most to Liberec.

By car: The best way to get from Prague to Liberec is on the R10 expressway, from which you will turn onto the R35. From Liberec, take the Bedrichov Jizerská road about 10 kilometre to the destination.

Distances: Prague – Liberec: 110 km; Liberec – Bedrichov: 10 km



– Jizerska Week consists of seven races over three days. Besides the main race, there are also shorter tracks of 30 km (FT), 25 km (CT) and 10 km (CT), as well as a sprint race, relay race and children’s race.
– The Jizerská race is held annually as the Peru Expedition Memorial. Since 1972, the race has been held in memory of the the tragic fate of 15 Czechoslovak climbers who died on 31 May 1970 in Peru under landslide rockslide caused by an earthquake. The founders of the race were among the victims.
– The largest number of participants, roughly 7800 skiers, in the history of the Jizerská 50 was at the tenth annual edition of the event in 1977. The racers faced strong winds and heavy snow and at times it seemed that the race would be cancelled. Over 500 skiers gave up before the finish.
– The only cross-country skier who has attended every race throughout the history of the Jizerská 50 is Ladislav Mika.
– Legendary Czechoslovak cross-country skier Jiri Beran has the largest number of wins. He won five times and still holds the record.


In the vicinity of the race, there are many beautiful places to visit. In the immediate vicinity is the Kralovka Slovanka viewing tower, from which you will have a great view of the Giant Mountains and the forested landscape. Another nice natural monument is the Jedlovy dul Waterfalls. The city of Liberec is located only a few kilometres from the start of the race. It offers a large aquapark at the Babylon Centre a zoo, which is famous for its white tigers. Jested Mountain has at its summit an architecturally important structure that  is also the most famous Czech tower.

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