Worldloppet team for the coming season

At the Annual General Meeting the delegates confirmed the new team, working in the Worldloppet office for the coming season. There are no changes from last season, means the old team, is the new team. 

Juha Viljamaa – President 

Juha Viljamaa from Finlandia Hiihto is going to continue beeing the President of the Worldloppet Federation.

“We had nice Annual General Meeting in Liberec. I am very satisfied about the results and want to thank everyone for taking part, specially my wife Sari who is always helping me in my demanding office!”

Juha Viljamaa & wife Sari

Juha’s responsibility is to represent Worldloppet at the races, in media & at public events & at sponsors or other stakeholders. He always tries to find benefits for Worldloppet and its skiers. 


Epp Paal – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Epp Paal from Tartu Maraton is going to keep on working as the CEO of the federation. Her working place is directly in the Worldloppet office in Tartu/Estonia. At the moment she is enjoying the Estonian summer beside her work.

“Worldloppet marathons have a great atmosphere and energizing effect, this is what pulls me back to start like a magnet. I have fantastic colleagues all over the world and a lot of them have become dear friends to me.”

Epp Paal, Worldloppet CEO (left), Annette Lamy-Chappuis, Transjurasienne (right)

Epp is generally taking care of everything regarding Worldloppet. She is doing the office work, the administrative stuff, correspondence with races, skiers, sponsors, companies etc. And during the winter months she is attending the single races, specially the FIS Worldloppet Cup races, in order to help the Worldloppet skiers & the race organizers directly at the venue. Of course she gets help from our secretary Teele & the Communication Manager, Gunnar. 


Teele Vaalma – Secretary

Teele Vaalma is also sitting in the Worldloppet office in Tartu. She is the secretary who is taking care of all your requests. If you send an email to Worldloppet? She is reading it. If you order a passport or clothing in our store, she is the one who is taking care. And she is the one, who is checking your passports, if you become a master! So better be nice to her 😉 

“Hello! I work for Worldloppet as a secretary since September2016. My job is issuing Worldloppet passports, Master and Global skier titles, updating the Worldloppet database, and sending out passports, diplomas, medals, Worldloppet clothing etc to skiers. Also I answer e-mails sent to It is very interesting to contact people from all over the world and see the database of skiers growing. In addition it is nice to know that my work is helping skiers take pride in their achievements and keep them moving and skiing around the world. Occasionally I get the chance to visit member races and share the excitement of all the participants and organizers. I congratulate everyone for the 40 years of keeping Worldloppet spirit alive!“

Teele Vaalma, Worldloppet Secretary


Gunnar Zlöbl – Communication Manager

And finally, it’s me, Gunnar Zlöbl from Graz/Austria. From my beautiful home town in Austria, I am working for Worldloppet as Communication Manager.

“Hey guys, I am the one who is posting all this stuff, writing the news on our website, sending out the newsletter etc. And I am the one with the camera at the starting lines! For 3 years now, I am working for Worldloppet & I love it. As a former skier, I am happy to have the chance to work for my hobby! I mean, how many people have the pleasure to travel around the world to the best winter sceneries and ski everywhere?
I am looking forward to our next season & I hope I will be able to collect some stamps for my passport. 4/10 are done, 6 missing! So see you at the tracks or just text me, if you need something!”

Gunnar Zlöbl, Worldloppet Communication Manager

I am taking care of every spoken word on our website, every published post on Facebook, every picture on Instagram… Basically I am responsible for the communication of Worldloppet. In winter time I am travelling – mostly together with Epp – to the races to create first-hand content. My favourite project is worldloppetTV – the magazine

Contact: & +43 664 53 18 456 or you just text us on Facebook.

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