Engadin Skimarathon

Engadin Ski Marathon, Marcialonga, Vasaloppet and others offer special entry rights for Masters and Passport holders

The core of the Worldloppet family are the skiers who got their Worldloppet Passport and collect stamps after every member race in order to become a Worldloppet master. These skiers should have some privileges at the race venues.

Pre-registration for Passport holders at Marcialonga

Next to welcome parties, receptions and gifts, for example, Marcialonga offers a special pre-registration for Masters and Passport holders. Usually, the Italian marathon is sold out within some minutes, but if you have a Worldloppet Passport, you have no problem, registering for the race.

Also, the Vasaloppet offers such an opportunity for Worldloppet Masters: Once the race is booked out, Masters are still allowed to register. So also in Sweden a Worldloppet Master has no problem anymore to be part of the race.

Engadin Ski Marathon announcing privilege entry for Masters

And now also the Engadin Ski Marathon organizers have announced such a possibility: Even if the race is booked out – which happened for example in 2019 – a Worldloppet Master is still allowed to register.

Several other Worldloppet races offer similar or other benefits for Worldloppet Passportholders (check out the benefits). So if you want to become a Worldloppet Master and if you want to enjoy such benefits at the world’s greatest ski marathons, get your Passport and become part of the family!

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