Fossavatn Ski Marathon

Important information: Fossavatnsgangan shortened

Tomorrow the Worldloppet festival in Iceland is going to start with the skating races of Fossavatnsgangan in Isafjordur. As you may have heard, the winter has been exceptionally mild in Iceland. As a result of this, the snow at the regular start and finish area has already left for summer holidays. Therefore, Fossavatnsgangan will be operated according to „plan B“ this year:

Races shortened but not in danger

The bad news first: The races of Fossavatnsgangan 2019 have to be shortened. From 50 to 42km, from 25 to 21 km and from 12,5 to 8km. But, no worries, the races are still valid for a stamp in your Worldloppet passport! With big efforts, the organizers created a well prepared 21 km loop which will be skied twice for the long, and once for the short race. And here are some good news for chill-skiers: There is no cut-off time this year!

Also the start procedure is going to be different and interesting: A floating start is going to be used. That means the skiers can start at any time between 08:00 and 10:00 and the time will start when crossing the starting line and stop when crossing the finish line. The start and finish area has been moved to Breiðadalsheiði, which was the starting point of the race until 2013.

With the bus to the start

In order to reach the start, and to come back to the village after the race all participants, spectators and fans have to take a shuttle bus, which of course is free of charge. There are no vehicles allowed on the road to the start/finish area. These busses are leaving from Torfnes sports hall, starting at 07:30 race day morning (Exception: The bus for the elite, which is leaving at 06:30).

Thursday kicks off the Fossavantsgangan

Tomorrow, Thursday 2nd May, the first competitions are going to kick off the Fossavatnsgangan ski festival. 21 km free technique, 5 km classic and 1 km classic style. Mass start. The longest one is valid for a stamp in your Worldloppet Silver Master Passport.
Tomorrow vehicles are allowed on the road to the start, but it is recommended to use the bus, leaving from Torfnes sports hall.

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