Jizerská Padesatka

Jizerská 50 counts 200.000 registrations


It’s time for celebration for the Czech Worldloppet race: 200 000. This is the number of participants that the organizers of Jizerska 50 were carefully counting for the 53th year of the race, because they knew a big milestone was waiting for them. It came, just some days ago, when the Czech race received the 200 000th participant in its whole history. This very important milestone of winter sports is just another proof of how big is the Jizerska 50 event for the history of Czech sport.

“You would hardly find any other Czech sport event attracting as many enthusiasts as Jizerská 50, and this is what makes Jizerska 50 really unique. It is a sovereign ruler among winter events”

Jizerska 50 Organising Committee

The 53rd year will take place in February 2020, and another record number of those interested has been announced. 2,000 starting numbers have been sold, and the number is getting higher every day. Special price for the registration will be available until end of September. This year is no exception.

“In the previous event there were just a couple of spaces left in the starting list, and this year it’s likely to be completely full. How soon? It depends on the potential participants. They can choose from 10, 25, and 50km classical and 30km free races. The programme includes relay race, sprint and children events”

Jizerska 50 Organising Committee

For more information visit the website, where you can also learn about starting fee insurance. In case the races are cancelled for any reason, the fee is almost fully covered and refundable.

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