Jizerská Padesatka

Jizerska 50 launches registrations for 2020

Just a few sporting events can boast such a rich history and so many participants like the Jizerská 50, the largest cross-country race in the Czech Republic. The Czech Worldloppet race just opened the registrations for the three-day event in the Jizera Mountains. This year they had a record attendance with 7,707 cross-country skiers. Will it be more in 2020?

Jizerská 50, which is held every year as the Expedition Peru 1970 Memorial, will take place from 7th to 9th February 2020 in Bedřichov. It is almost certain that the total number of all participants will exceed 200,000 this year. It will be a real unique in Czech sport. The organizers are preparing a traditionally rich program and races for all performance categories.

The program will start on Friday with a children’s races. The following will be free technique race and a sprint. The first racing day you will also see the show of historical skiers and the opening ceremony with fireworks and the commemoration of the fallen climbers from the Expedition Peru 1970.

On Saturday, the classic technique race will be prepared and also the race of the company’s relay. The beginners can enjoy a 10-kilometre race classically a family race. On Saturday evening, the Jizerská 50 participants can look forward to a fest with the participation of a well-known band that will take place in Liberec. The highlight of the event will be a traditional 50 km race on Sunday, February 9th.

If you want to be part of the legendary cross-country race, you can register now for the lowest possible price:

  • ČEZ Jizerská 50: 1,600 CZK
  • Volkswagen Bedřichovská 30: 1,100 CZK
  • Hervis Jizerská 25: 1,300 CZK
  • ČT Jizerská 10 individual / family: 600 CZK / 1,200 CZK
  • Nyč sport sprint: 300 CZK
  • Mini Jizerská Pojišťovna VZP: 250 CZK

If the race will not be possible due to conditions, the competitors will get back up to 70% of the price.

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