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New Book: Polish Global Skier about him skiing around the world

The Polish famous Worldloppet skier Andrzej Guzinski has been writing a book about his path from a „skiing nobody” to a Global Skier. An official premiere took place during the last Bieg Piastów.

„Twenty steps on snow”, as it is titled, tells a story of a man – Andrzej Guzinski – who decided to try something new and to reorganize his life. He grew up with the story of a legendary Jozef Luszczek and Wojciech Fortuna (two polish skiing champions from the ’70s) but suddenly left his dreams when becoming an adult.
Finally in 2007 Guzinski came back to his dreams and registered to the biggest polish ski marathon Bieg Piastow. He was sure that he can stand two 50k races in a row (classic and free), but it was a terrible idea.
This Andrzej from the past, who decided to do so, was not prepared even for one race that long. But two?

“It was an absolute disaster! What I was thinking about my stamina?
On the finish line I was totally exhausted, tired, in the edge of unconsciousness!”

Andrzej Guzinski, Global skier & author of “Twenty steps on snow”

But this moment was a new beginning. Through Euroloppet races to Worldloppet debut and his first passport and Master title, to an amateur national long distance races legend – this is the book about. But Andrzej would never say that he did anything big: “I just want to ski and travel!”

In „Twenty steps on snow” you can find a view from Andrzej’s eyes on every singe Worldloppet race: Sapporo, Ushuaia, Kangaroo and the rest. There’s a story about giving a lecture inside the Russian train, spending time in an Australian survival camp as well as facts about the „world’s best burger” in New Zealand. In this book you can find tips, how to wax your skis or… how to just learn that magic art; what is worth to take with you for the marathon race or where to sleep in Sweden’s Vasaloppet.

Andrzej decided that book is absolutely free.

“I want to share my knowledge with skiing fans, not to earn money!”

Andrzej Guzinski, author of “Twenty steps on snow”
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