Vasaloppet China 2021 with international skiers or just domestic participants?

The situation as of today is that all international sports events are prohibited in China until the end of the year (Well, the Vasaloppet China should take place on the 4th of January 2021). In addition, it is very tricky to get into China and a mandatory 14 days quarantine is required. In other words, not an optimal situation for international sports events, like the Vasaloppet China, which should open the Worldloppet winter season.

Will international skiers take part in the Vasaloppet China 2021?

But that does not mean, that the Chinese marathon won’t take place – at least not yet! The Vasaloppet China Organization Committee hopes that the situation might change and follow updates from the authorities on a daily basis. Richard Ning from the local organizing committee in Changchun says; “If Vasaloppet China 2021 will be an international event or just a domestic small one, we do not know at the moment”.  

Cultural exchange at its highest level

If there is the chance to participate in the Vasaloppet China 2021, I totally recommend the journey to Changchun. I have been there twice and I experienced a welcome and service that is far more than common. For an European I probably could not have more cultural exchange with following my hobby, marathon skiing, like I had in China while enjoying a traditional duck dinner, visiting the great wall or following the dragon-shows right before the start. And a secret hint for the party people among you: The Vasaloppet China Night Dinner/Party is plays in the same league like the Fossavatnsgangan Cacke Buffet Party.

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