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Vasaloppet China
Address: Changchun, China
Tel: + 86 151 6438 8228

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Vasaloppet China
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Vasaloppet China
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Vasaloppet China
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Vasaloppet China
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Vasaloppet China
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First race: 15th March 2003, 50 km, 750 registered

Worldloppet membership: since 2014

Highest number of participants in main race:  208 finishers (2015)


Vasaloppet China is a 50 km cross country ski race, open for everyone. The Blueberry Vasa for those who want to take it a bit easier is 25 km. For the beginner, there is Vasa Fun Ski of 2.5 km. Try cross country skiing in a relaxed and fun way. There is no problem if you don’t have your own skis; equipment rental is included when you sign up for the Fun Ski!

Course profile of 1 lap , 25 km


Traveling to Changchun is easy. The international airport has connections from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and many more domestic origins. By air from Beijing it takes about 1.5 hours. By the convenient, fast train, from Beijing it takes about 6 hours. Fixed Changchun stay packages is offered by the organizer and several travel agencies also offer “all inclusive” travel packages for visiting China and Vasaloppet China.


In 2002, PWT Orienteering Sports Organization in China for review was attracted by unique ecological and natural environment of Changchun Jingyuetan National Key Scenic Spot. In their opinion, the environment here was the best choice to hold cross-country skiing because it was similar with that of Northern Europe. Thereafter, the organization decided to hold Vasaloppet in Changchun Jingyuetan. In 2003, Chinese Ski Association, the Organization Committee of Vasaloppet Sweden and Changchun City government cooperated to hold this competition for the first time. From then on, the Vasaloppet with over 80-year history in Sweden came into China and settled in Changchun Jingyuetan.


Vasaloppet China, the biggest XC Ski event in China, is organized in suburbs of Changchun, Jilin Province, in north-east of China. The ski area is in Jingyuetan National Forest Park which has a total area of about 100 square km. The park consists of large forest areas with water features and the topography is moderate to very hilly, but do not worry, the XC ski track is suitable for all categories of skiers. In 2007 the park hosted a XC World Cup stage and the many athletes agreed that the area has very good conditions for XC Skiing.  Settings around the ski arena are also tremendous with huge snow sculptures, which is a part of Changchun Winter Festival.


Weather conditions during winter in Changchun is very stable from year to year, means cold and dry. The dry climate means not so much natural snow, not enough for skiing, but winter is coming already in early November so then starts production of artificial snow for the 25 km track, ski arena any the huge snow statues. Vasaloppet China can for these reasons give a snow warranty for all skiers!

“We want to show with this event that you can cross-country skiing in China and that this sport is a great way to learn about Chinese culture,” says former Swedish elite skier David Jansson, now Sports Director of the Nordic Ways Vasa Management, a co-organizer. The list of winners through the 12 years history testifies that several long distance skiers in world top class have participated, as for example Oskar Svärd, Jörgen Aukland and Stanislav Rezak. Last three years has been won by Swedish long distance specialist Anders Högberg.


Vasaloppet China is not just a ski race as it also includes unique experiences, social activities, in the program. For example Opening Ceremony, New Year’s Eve Banquet, Government Welcome Banquet and also a price giving banquet, and all of them with a touch of Chinese culture and entertainments. The ski arena and its surroundings show up huge and detailed snow sculptures.



Changchun as city has about 8 million inhabitants and is known as the car and movie city. The car industry has long history here and all kind of vehicles is manufactured, including foreign brands as Audi, VW and Toyota. Film studios are also situated here and there is also a Movie Wonderland to visit. Another sightseeing spot is the Puppet Museum or Last Emperors Palace, known from the movie The Last Emperor that won nine Oscars in 1988. Located right on the ski arena is also, worth visiting, Vasaloppet Museum.

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