Virtual Edition: Ushuaia Loppet participation possible despite COVID-19

Covid-19 is hitting the world of marathon skiing hard. Unfortunately, the Worldloppet season has to start with a cancellation due to the travel restrictions: Ushuaialoppet, the Argentinian Worldloppet race and traditionally the season opener end of August has announced the cancellation! BUT!!! Only a few days later the Club Adino Ushuaia – the organizers – came up with an alternative: Ushuaialoppet Virtual Edition 2020!

This season we will not be able to stamp your Worldloppet Passport at the end of the world, but we want you to be part of an unique event in August, which you can do wherever you are! And for 2021 we are waiting for you again in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego – the end of the world.

Diego Prado, Ushuaialoppet Communications

How the Ushuaialoppet Virtual Edition works

The participants of Ushuaialoppet Virtual Edition 2020 (and Marchablanca Virtual Edition) have to ski, roller-ski or run a distance of 42 km, 21 km, 10km or 5 km on a track of their choice. So doesn’t matter if you are located in Norway, Argentina, Croatia or China, you can be part of the challenge. You just choose your discipline, distance and a day between 14th August to 28th August and you go for your personal Ushuaialoppet 2020. Don’t forget to record the distance completion with your sports watch, smartphone or device. For detailed instructions find the races rules here.

In order to enter the event, you have to sign up at the organizer’s website (or click on the button below). The entry fee costs 10 USD and includes a digital race bib, you can print and wear during your challenge and a digital diploma to download and print after successfully fulfil the event.

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