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Engadin Skimarathon
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First race: 16th March 1969, 42 km, 945 entries, 805 ranked

Highest number of participants in main race: 14.200 entries in 2018

Worldloppet membership: founding member from 1978

The initiator and “spiritual father” of the Engadin Skimarathon was sporting goods dealer and former skier Albert Scheuing of St. Moritz. On the Sunday after the Vasaloppet 1968 a few cross country skiing enthusiasts from St. Moritz and Pontresina met by chance on the track in the Staz forest. Two of them were excited about the Vasaloppet in which they had participated. Everyone was convinced that there was a great potential in this relatively new sport and that a similar race, of course smaller, should be possible in the Engadin. The idea of the Engadin Skimarathon was born and the nine Upper Engadin ski clubs joined to organise – of course after having overcome a few obstacles – the first race came one year later.

Some 945 men and women registered for the first Engadin Skimarathon in March 1969, a high and unexpected number. After the success of the first race, it became clear that the event was set to become a tradition and that the organisers could expect a steady increase in the number of competitors. However, even the greatest optimist could not foresee that one day over 13,000 skiers would be lining up for the Engadin Skimarathon every year.

14 have completed all races, 9 have only missed one race of the total 47 Engadin Skimarathon, which is testimony to the continuing popularity of this sporting event. The Engadin Skimarathon also attracts many newcomers, however, amounting to more than 3,500 yearly. Many simply want to experience the thrill of taking part in such an event at least once in their lives. Until 2016 more than 520’000 people have been registered for the Engadin Skimarathon in total.

SILS, 10MAR19 – Flugaufnahme von der ‘Marathon-Schlange’ auf dem gefrorenen Silsersee kurz nach dem Start zum 51. Engadin Skimarathon am 10. Maerz 2019. Aerial photo of the 51st Engadin Skimarathon, a cross country skiing race over 42 kilometres and more than 14,000 participants, in the Engadine Valley, Switzerland, March 10, 2019. swiss-image.ch/Photo Remy Steinegger


Location of 42/21 km start in Maloja: elevation 1820 m, coordinates: 46°24’22.1″N  9°42’09.8″E

Location of race centre and 21 km finish in Pontresina: elevation 1770 m, coordinates: 46°29’34.8″N  9°53’43.7″E

Location of 42 km finish in S-chanf: elevation 1670 m, coordinates:46°36’41.139’’N  9°58’58.632’’E


The specific characteristics of our race are its size (second biggest in the world), the highest above sea level (1800 m), the landscape in a wide valley topped by high snow mountains, 35 % of the race course leading over frozen lakes etc.

Course map and profile


Upper Engadin lays in the South side of the Alps at 1,800 meters above sea-level. Thanks to the Romanish language, the close proximity to Italy and the majority of German-speaking population, three regional cultures join together to grant Engadin St. Moritz its unique charm. The highest mountains in the East Alps are located in Upper Engadin, in which the only one over 4,000 m, Piz Bernina (4,049 m above sea-level) peaks. Detailed travel info you can find HERE



NB! In 2020 Race centre moves from St.Mortiz to Pontresina.

The Engadin Skimarathon has become a major international sporting event, attracting participants from more than 50 nations every year. For skiers from Luxemburg the Engadin Skimarathon is at the same time their national championship.

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