Kangaroo Hoppet

Your chance to do the Kangaroo Hoppet despite COVID19

Ok, the bad news first: We won’t experience the great skimarathon Down Under in Falls Creek in 2020. The ski event version of the Kangaroo Hoppet has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. However, the good news is, the event organisers are keen to keep people active and engaged and have created a virtual event that is available to everyone, wherever you are!

Kangaroo Hoppet 2020 – Do it your Way

The  Kangaroo Hoppet 2020 – Do It your Way, is just that. You can do it your way! Between the dates of Aug 10-23 you can complete any of the 7km, 21km or 42km distances doing any activity you like. Your activity type, and time if you choose to submit one, will be included in the online participant board.

How it works

Entries cost $ 10 and you will be mailed a special souvenir Buff, with an option to purchase a Kangaroo Hoppet – I did it my way t-shirt, and you will receive a downloadable event number. Participants can then choose to complete their nominated distancing doing whatever activity they desire and fill in the completed event for the activity to be registered. To see how people from around the world are participating, there will also be options to upload photos of your activity.

Join the Hoppet facebook Group to post your “I did it my way” comments, photos and videos:

Kangaroo Hoppet 2019 Teaser

Kangaroo Hoppet 2019 Album

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